Impact Special Issue

The Journal has launched a call for expressions of interest in a Special Issue on editing and contributing to a Special Issue focussing firmly of the issue of the impact and influence of HRD. It is proposed that the Special Issue be published in late 2018/early 2019. It is hoped the Special Issue will:
– provide an outlet for collaborators to publish their initial findings from case studies.
– publicise best practices, therefore enhancing the reputation of organisations and institutions
– promote the research of HRD impact and attract other practitioners and policy-makers to apply the research findings.

We invite HRD scholar-practitioners to express an interest in this Special Issue in one of two ways:

1. As Co-Editors of the Special Issue. We are looking to form a small team drawn from academia and practice/ policy.

2. As a contributor of an article related to applied research, evidence based practice evidence based policy, specifically relating to the main theme of the Special Issue.

As regards 1. we simply need the names and affiliations of any proposed editorial team. For 2. A short indication of the sort of contribution that would be made would be welcome.

Please let us have your expressions of interest by 30 April at

Further details on the proposed issue can be found here: IJHRDPPR Impact Special Issue