ISSN issued

February, 2016

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)

The Journal’s ISSN number has been issued by the British Library, the agency for such matters in the UK. The two numbers assigned to the Journal are:

International Journal of Human Resource Development (Print) ISSN 2397-4575 International Journal of Human Resource Development (Online) ISSN 2397-4583

Copyright: It is proposed that copyright for content submitted to this publication will remain with the author(s). A CC-BY Attribution 4.0 licence is proposed and will be applied for shortly. This allows allow readers to copy, distribute, remix and build upon the content for any purpose. The attribution requirement of the licence calls for preservation of the copyright notice, attribution to the author(s) and a link to the original work. This licence enables maximum usability of the publication while protecting the scholarly norms of citation and attribution.

Document Object Identifier (DOI): The Journal team are also pursuing the allocation of a DOI to each article published in the journal. A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet. It is proposed we use the Registration Agency, CrossRef, to obtain and apply document object identifiers for journal articles.