The International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research is a new peer-reviewed journal which seeks to bring together international practitioner and academic expertise to promote and support the understanding and practice of Human Resource Development. The journal is sponsored by a partnership between the International Federation of Training & Development Organisations (IFTDO) and the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD); see ‘Journal Partners’ in Side Bar.

Much is discussed about bridging the academic practice divide. It is in many way a false distinction but a challenge nonetheless. Critically, the International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy & Research seeks to approach this challenge from first and foremost a practice perspective. It is a practice centered journal which nonetheless provides the opportunity to synergise practice with theory to develop further insights to inform both disciplines. It offers the critically reflective professional practitioner insight, ideas and understanding on the contemporary issues and challenges facing HRD, its impact and influence. The types of contribution sought are described in more detail in the Contributor Guidelines. Interested contributors are welcome to contact any of the Editorial Board to discuss their ideas.

The first six issues of the journal are now published and can be accessed via the right hand side bar.