Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines:

  • Maximum word count includes references and footnotes/endnotes
  • Footnotes and endnotes are discouraged and should only be used to provide additional explanatory information when deemed necessary
  • Articles must include an abstract of no more than 200 words (not included in the word count). The abstract must be written in plain English and written in a way that is understandable to academic and non-academic readers alike.
  • Author details: names, organisation address, and emails should be includes in a separate word document accompanying the submitted article. This should also include a short biographical statement to include author current job title or role (or one previous title), and type of articles (e.g. practice, policy, research, viewpoint).
  • Manuscripts will use a sans serif font e.g. Arial, font size 11
  • Margins should be set as ‘normal’ for A4 paper – (2.54 cm top, bottom, right, left margins)
  • Title and main headings should be sentence case in bold e.g. The University as a learning organisation? A case study of the Middle East University
  • Sub-headings should be sentence case in italics: Flattening the Organisational Structure.
  • A lower level of sub-sub headings should be used sparingly.
  • In text citations and references should use APA style
  • Quotations of less than 20 words should be put in the text with single quotation marks. Quotes of more than 20 words should be indented and delineated by a space at top and bottom, but without quotation marks.
  • Where figures/tables are reproductions/non-original content permissions must be granted from the copyright holder before final publication.
  • Caption headings for tables should be placed above the table, and should be labelled sequentially e.g. Table 1, Table 2 etc. Tables should be in word format and placed in the text where first cited.
  • Caption headings for figures, should be placed below the figure, and labelled sequentially e.g. Fig. 1; Fig. 2 etc. Figures should be placed in text where first cited.
  • Check all references – accuracy, format, before submission
  • For re-submissions following initial review, please supply a marked copy and clean copy of your manuscript and a point by point response to the reviewer/editor comments
  • Manuscripts should be submitted in MS word format or RTF format, attached to an email and emailed to one or other of:

Editor in Chief
Dr Rick Holden:

Associate Editors
Dr Barbara Eversole:
Dr Mark Loon:
Dr Jan Myers:
Ann Rennie:
Dr Roland Yeo: