International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research 2018, Vol 3 No 2: Online
doi: 10.22324/ijhrdppr.3.114

HRD Forum — Viewpoint
Planting the Seeds of Organization Justice: a Force for Change

Steven Chase, Director of People, Thames Valley Police

My recent article for this Journal — In Search of Individual and Organizational Fairness in Policing (2018) — introduced some thoughts about the importance of organizational justice, particularly in relation to totemic organizational policies and procedures such as misconduct and performance management. I attempted to ground my thoughts in the direction of practical application in the workplace. To assist, I built on one of Matthew Syed’s (2015) core arguments about the crucial cultural shift from blame to learning. In Syed’s work, he contrasted the domains of medicine and aviation. My attention was focused on my own experiences and observations in UK policing.