International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research 2018, Vol 3 No 2: Online
doi: 10.22324/ijhrdppr.3.110

The Influence of HRD Practices on Employees’ Organizational Justice Perceptions

Deepu Kurian, Director of Business Operations, University of Houston

An effective system of organizational justice forms the foundation for an organizational culture which promotes inclusion and diversity, and therefore an important topic for human resources development (HRD). Organizational justice is an issue for HRD practice, because certain perceptions of organizational justice or fairness can be related to training and development opportunities, organizational change/development practices and career planning/development. HRD decisions may impact the employees on both personal and professional level and hence such decisions may have an impact on the employees’ perceptions of fairness. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine the influence of HRD practices on the employees’ perceptions of justice at interactive, procedural and outcomes level. The results show that all dimensions of organizational justice influence the employees’ fairness perception, however it is important to note that procedural and interactional levels dominated the employee’s perceptions.

Key words: organizational justice, human resource development practices, work relationships.