International Journal of HRD Practice, Policy and Research 2018, Vol 3 No 2: Online doi: 10.22324/ijhrdppr.3.111

‘I would recommend it to anyone!’ Transferring Leadership Development and Evaluating For Impact at Skipton Building Society

Francesca Hall, Skipton Building Society
Beverley Petrossian, Skipton Building Society
Tim Spackman, Skipton Building Society

The paper considers the evaluation of leadership programmes in Skipton Building Society. Recognizing the difficulties associated with achieving a measurable return on investment, the programmes were designed to ensure that evaluation served a variety of purposes including how learning could be transferred to the workplace. An impact assessment, completed five months after the end of the programmes, shows strong impact; the programmes have shifted the culture in support of development. There was a high recommendation for others to undertake the programmes and many examples of ongoing transfer. Critical factors assisting transfer are identified.

Key Words: leadership development, evaluation, transfer of learning